Our new location, let’s just say we love it!

Moving is never fun. You start packing, throw 50% of everything in the garbage and put the rest in boxes. It’s more like spring cleaning. But when you move from a 250 square foot glass and metal box, into an 1100 square foot rustic wood and exposed brick loft, it’s worth the hassle.

An environment that breeds creativity

As you can probably tell our new location within the Toronto Carpet Factory in Liberty Village is amazing. We love it! And our clients love it too. It is like a breath of fresh air.

In the short time Brain Box has been around, we have been fortunate enough to partner with some great clients. We have built teams around our client projects, quickly grew, and needed more space. I don’t know what it is about old wooden beams, exposed brick, and loft windows from floor to ceiling, but I swear we have been 27% more productive. Okay, slightly exaggerated, but it just feels right. Walking into a beautiful office every morning keeps us motivated to do amazing work for our clients and ourselves.

Brain Box Labs

Yes, we work on cool client projects, but always make time for our own internal projects. Being a user experience (UX) design and development agency, we have a million ideas on how to make things better. It’s kind of a gift and a curse, so to speak. Everything on the web could be better somehow, which is why we develop our own web and mobile applications.

Currently, we are working a nifty little application named Changeit, which helps solve the problem of change management. Sounds boring right? Wrong! We are using some of the latest technologies so that we are always ahead of the curve – heck, even innovating. Why is this great? Because our clients reap the benefits of new technology and new thinking. Be on the lookout for our Labs sections in the upcoming months, which will showcase some of the cool internal projects we are working on.

If you’re in the area, feel free to drop us a line and stop by. We look forward to seeing you.