Nia Centre for the Arts
6 weeks



UI/UX Design

Project Overview

Nia Centre for the Arts is a Toronto-based not-for-profit organization that supports and promotes art and artists from across the African diaspora. The charity is also building Canada's first professional multi-disciplinary Black arts centre.

As part of our Community Partnership Initiative, Brain Box heavily discounted our services and crafted a new website that showcased the vital work the Nia Centre was doing in the community with a focus on helping raise funds for their cause.


A misaligned digital experience

The Nia Centre’s existing website was old, inaccessible and didn’t represent the brand and its mission and vision. What’s more, the site didn’t look reputable, which meant the organization was losing out on prospective donations. These donations were critical in helping fund the development of the Black arts centre it was building. 

A limited budget and short timeline

The Nia Centre needed a new, modern and fully functional website that properly reflected the organization's values. As a non-profit, they were looking for an elegant website experience on a tight budget and an even tighter deadline - and the Brain Box team delivered.

Our Solutions

A modular approach for easy site updates

As a non-profit with a restricted marketing budget, the team at Nia Centre needed a website they could easily update in-house to help save on ongoing costs. 

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Brain Box delivered a ‘site for life’ that the team could update themselves over the coming years as the organization grew and expanded.

Combining style and functionality

UI/UX Design

The Brain Box team created a modular design for the new website, allowing the team to easily build and populate website pages by selecting the necessary module for each new page they created. These modules included various sections, cards and content types which were easily accessible through a content organization system.
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A donation-first digital experience


What was most important to the Nia Centre was getting donations to fund its new Black arts centre. The hub would provide the community with art exhibition spaces, a 160-seat performance theatre, co-working spaces, digital arts incubation studios, recording and visual arts studios and community workspaces. 

We created an impressive donation page that integrated with their Canada Helps donation account and provided a tally of the number of donors and total donations. To date, the Nia Centre has raised over $10 million (with a goal of $12 million) with plans to open the facility in the Fall of 2023.

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