Rosedale Academy
2 Months


UI/UX Design

Project Overview

Rosedale Academy (rebranded to Rosedale Global High School in 2022) is an Ontario-based online high school with more than 4,000 students worldwide. This pioneering institution provides 62 international partners in 95 schools across 17 countries access to its world-renowned differentiated education curriculum.

As a global leader in education, Rosedale Academy was in need of a website that would target and attract its two distinctive audiences: local and international students. The team also wanted a digital offering to showcase its position as a pioneer in delivering integrated education technology.


A site that doesn't speak to it's audience

The existing Rosedale Acaedemy website was outdated and didn’t reflect the current values and mission of the organization. Most importantly, the website wasn’t designed to speak to the two distinctive groups, local and international students, that it served. Rosedale Academy’s audience of international students was especially important as their tuition fees made up more than 80% of the school’s funding.

Our Solutions

A digital experience to empower every student

The team of expert at Brain Box delivered a new website experience for Rosedale Academy that passed with flying colours.

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A multifunctional website experience

UI/UX Design

The new site needed to look great and work hard. To deliver a truly streamlined user experience, we designed a site offering full course program information and course registration for online and in-person classes. We ensured the data was passed to their Learning Management System (LMS) for a complete end-to-end solution. 

The Brain Box team also integrated functionality into the new website that enabled new graduates to receive their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), a diploma granted to secondary school graduates in Ontario. Finally, we updated the Rosedale Academy logo and branding to ensure it reflected its modern, premium status. 

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Easy domain management

The team at Rosedale Academy was managing two separate domains for its Canadian and international audiences. We built a content management system that allowed them to use one website for both domains, helping to simplify and streamline their digital offering.
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A frictionless payment experience

We optimized Rosedale Academy’s online payment process by integrating directly with their third-party payment provider, Stripe. What’s more, we reviewed and improved their entire eCommerce and checkout process to ensure it was working as efficiently as possible, making the payment process faster and simpler for students looking to pay online for their courses.
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