8 months


UI/UX Design

Product Overview.

Toyota Certified Used Vehicles needed to shift its dealership website into high gear. The automotive brand wanted to deliver a digital experience that was intuitive, modern and would leave competitors in their dust. The Brain Box team’s new, optimized site helped Toyota cross the finish line.


A clunky website experience 

Toyota’s Certified Used Vehicles website needed a serious tune-up. The existing site was old, outdated and lacked the technical integrations required to make it competitive with other car manufacturers focused on dealerships. 

Searching for vehicles was very clunky and difficult to do on the current site, including finding vehicles that were located close by. It was also challenging to compare two different vehicles, a feature in high demand for those looking to buy a pre-owned car. 

Missing crucial digital features 

The site wasn’t responsive either, meaning the user experience on mobile and tablet devices wasn’t optimal, and the site also wasn’t bilingual, so it couldn’t cater to the French Canadian market. 

The team at Toyota Certified Used Vehicles needed a new site with a sustainable, future-proof design and a clean, modern look that would be fit for purpose for the foreseeable future.

Our Solutions

Reenvisioning the used vehicle user journey and experience

Collaborating with our agency partner Sandbox Communications, Brain Box Labs, was hired to work on this project based on its reputation as an expert in design systems. The team developed the user experience, design and front-end development for Toyota’s shiny new site.

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Crafting beautiful design systems


UI/UX Design

The team also created a design system for the Toyota Certified Used Vehicles site, developing shells of each page which were then converted into component parts. The Toyota team was able to use this content library to build new pages on the site as and when they were needed. 

This design system helps maintain brand consistency throughout the site and allows the internal team to easily create new website content without any additional design or development support.

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Optimizing search functionality


UI/UX Design

From a technical perspective, Brain Box Improved the search functionality to make it easier and more intuitive for users to find cars and locate those in the closest proximity. The team also added a comparison functionality so users could quickly and simply compare prices and specs on multiple used vehicles.
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Making the site available in multiple languages

The team also made the site responsive, so it was optimized for all device types as well as making the site available in both English and French languages.
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Custom Google Analytics implementation


Lastly, Brain Box created a custom advanced Google Analytics implementation to help the team at Toyota Certified Used Vehicles make more informed sales and marketing decisions. The insights from this data helped the team improve conversions and optimize the overall user experience.
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What benefits did the client get?

The Brain Box team created a sleek user interface that enhanced the current design system and increased conversion by 47% for the Toyota Certified Used Vehicles website.

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The Brain Box team created a sleek user interface that enhanced the current design system that significantly increased conversion on the Toyota Certified Used Vehicles website.

47%better conversion

The enhanced user experience nearly doubled the conversion finding a certified used vehicle, far exceeding our initial 25% estimate.

Big thank you to the Brain Box team - the site looks great, especially on mobile (and I'm testing on 40+ OS/browser configurations). Thanks so much for doing such a great job!