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Apple Pay with Shopify

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Integrating Apple Pay in a Shopify store is simple and takes no more than a few moments

Apple Pay is a relatively new payment method, but it’s on that has quickly become a preferred method for many people. With a loyal following and more people trying it every day, ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retailers can’t afford to ignore the payment method. Thankfully, Apple Pay fully and easily integrates with all Shopify sites

Can You Use Apple Pay with Shopify?

Not only can you use Apple Pay with Shopify, but the payment method and online store platform have been fully integrated since 2016. The option must be enabled as a viable payment method, but all store owners can enable this option regardless of their site’s plan or features. Moreover, there are no special plug-ins or add-ons required to integrate Apple Pay in Shopify.

Should Shopify Store Owners Integrate Apple Pay in Shopify?

Of all the features that Shopify store owners can integrate into their website and POS system, Apple Pay is a key one to use. The platform is a dominant payment method as of August 2018, 253 million people worldwide used Apple Pay and the platform was continuing a strong growth trend. About 90 percent of all contactless payment transactions in the United States were conducted via the method in the year before, and 85 percent of the platform’s users reside outside the United States. In other words, Apple Pay is widely used in the United States because it’s so convenient. At the same time, it gives retailers access to large markets overseas because so many of its users aren’t based in the U.S.

What Benefits Does Using Apple Pay and Shopify for Retailers?

While consumers clearly appreciate the ease and convenience that Apple Pay provides, integrating Apple Pay with Shopify has multiple benefits for retailers as well. With Apple Pay enabled, retailers are able to:

  • Reach more potential customers who prefer Apple Pay
  • Process transactions more quickly to increase speed of service during peak times
  • Reduce the number of actions necessary on customer’s part to complete a sale
  • Reinforce a cutting-edge and/or hip marketing image
  • Improve user experience and user interface design

How Can Retailers Integrate Apple Pay in Their Shopify Stores?

Integrating Apple Pay in a Shopify store is simple and takes no more than a few moments. System integration between the two is possible both on store websites and at POS checkouts.

Apple Pay and Shopify Store Websites

To set up Apple Pay on a Shopify store website, you simply need to enable the payment method in your store’s settings. After activating the option, Shopify will take care of everything. The method will be set up, and your site will automatically detect whether customers are using a compatible device. Those that are will see a one-step purchase option.

Apple Pay and Shopify Point of Sale Systems

To integrate Apple Pay with Shopify’s POS reader, there’s no additional work required. The reader has Apple Pay built in and automatically set up if you’ve enabled the feature on your store’s settings. Just have customers who want to pay via iPhone or iPad tap, and the transaction will be completed. There’s no need for a signature.

Importantly, Apple Pay meets all current PCI compliance standards. All credit card information is encrypted via a dedicated chip inside the Apple device, so your store and customers assume no additional risk when using this payment method.

Enhance Your Website’s Design

While integrating Apple Pay in Shopify is technically easy to do, there’s still a great deal that should be considered when you’re designing your store’s website. For help creating a Shopify site that provides a great user experience, contact the top web design agency in Toronto.

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