Why Hire Canadian Software Engineers or Developers

Canada is becoming one of the sources of top tech talent in the world. As of 2022, Toronto holds the third spot in CBRE’s Tech Talent Rankings in North America, adding roughly 88,900 tech jobs from 2016 to 2021. Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver also have a strong showing in the annual ranking from the real estate services and investments firm.

The annual report, now in its 10th year, underscores Canada’s ability to develop and attract tech talent. It proves that it is only logical for tech giants worldwide to consider hiring Canadian software developers and engineers.

Whether you have a tech startup or a part of a tech corporation, your business will surely benefit from having the skills of Canadian software engineers. This short guide outlines why hiring top tech talent from Canada can be the next logical step for your business.

Reasons To Hire Canadian Software Engineers or Developers

Tech giants like Snapchat, Netflix, Google, and Meta have opened tech hubs in Toronto to take advantage of the city’s growing tech sector. This section highlights why tech companies invest in talent in the country.

Elite tech talent

Canada is one of the countries producing the most talented engineers. CBRE’s report included five Canadian cities in the top 25 tech talent markets in the continent: 

  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Ottawa
  • Montreal
  • Waterloo

Moreover, Canadian tech students enroll in coding boot camps to increase their knowledge of technology frameworks and stacks. They join for comprehensive training that helps programmers improve their skills. 

For example, Brainstation coding boot camps are project-based programs that aim to help students start their careers in the tech industry. The 400-hour programs focus on teaching them in-demand technical skills.

Meanwhile, Lighthouse Labs is a coding boot camp aiming to teach the country's next generation of software engineers and web developers. Since the company’s formation in 2013, the organization has introduced over 40,000 students to coding. 

The teachers help empower students, launch tech careers, and contribute to the growth of Canada's tech industry. Lighthouse Labs focuses on teaching the following practice areas:

  • Web development
  • Cyber security
  • Data science and analytics

Similar time zones

Businesses with remote workers usually practice asynchronous communication, which allows employees to work independently within a specific timeframe.

However, collaboration with developers can be easier if they get an immediate response from their colleagues. Some software engineers prefer to work with their team members in a similar time zone for seamless and convenient collaboration. 

Fortunately for US businesses, Canadian time zones align with their work schedules. This advantage means no matter where developers are based in Canada, US managers can connect with them anytime.

This factor makes working with Canadian software engineers more appealing for US startups. If managers choose to work with developers from Africa, Eastern Europe, or Asia, they have to work with a 10 to 13-hour time difference, which can stall the project management process.

By hiring software developers from Canada, you only have at least a three-hour time difference. This overlap in work hours makes it easier to align schedules between team members. 

Moreover, working with development companies in Toronto encourages synchronous work, which is especially crucial for web development teams that operate on two or three-week sprints. Projects with short release cycles can be easier to handle if everyone works on the same or similar schedule.

More affordable wages

Choosing to work with Canadian web developers can be a more cost-effective option than hiring US tech talent. Based on salaries shown on the employment site Indeed, Canadian software developers have an annual salary of $90,300, almost $50,100 lower than the average salary of tech workers in California.

The numbers show that American companies can pay competitive wages when working with Canadian engineers. The price difference also means businesses can prioritize hiring senior engineers. This advantage addresses the lack of senior tech talent within organizations because of their high salaries.

Seamless collaboration and onboarding

Expert recruitment managers know that cultural alignment within a team is crucial for success. They know that even the best developer in the world will leave the company if they cannot communicate well and struggle to get along with their coworkers. 

If you hire Canadian software engineers, cultural alignment will not be an issue within your tech team. 

US and Canadian workers take pride in their careers and value their work. Like those in the US, Canadian employers use similar engineering project management structures, which can help Canadians acclimate faster within a US firm.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about language barriers that could hinder seamless communication. English is the country's national language, and while Canadians in Quebec and Montreal speak French, some job seekers speak English fluently. 

Best Colleges and Universities in the World for Software Engineers or Developers

Image by Lukas on Pexels

In this section, we list some of the best colleges and universities worldwide producing the best software developers and computer engineers. This knowledge can help your recruitment strategy if you choose to incorporate global talent into your information technology (IT) team.

1. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto has a computer engineering program that prepares students for the professional world. The program provides aspiring professionals with a solid theoretical background and practical experience to help kick-start their tech careers.

Students under the course gain exposure and experience by working with various tech stacks across platforms, including web and mobile. Through internships, they get a close look at the software development process and gain the exposure they need to become experts in various programming languages.

2. University of Waterloo

Based south of Toronto, the University of Waterloo is the biggest engineering university in the country, enrolling more than 10,500 students in 2021. Under the five-year computer engineering program, students take on four work terms that last for four months in tech companies all over the world.

Waterloo's IT program is competitive, and countless students work in entry-level roles within tech giants like Facebook, Apple, Netflix, and Amazon.

3. University of Manchester

Software systems engineering at the University of Manchester is under one of the UK's largest Computer Science Departments. The program covers a vast spectrum of research to help prepare students for professional work in software engineering.

Under the program, students learn about advanced software engineering topics. While taking the course, they can also undertake various advanced master's courses that can help hone their skills.

Pro Tip

Hiring Canadian software engineers and developers can be a cost-effective strategy to build your digital product. Consider hiring remote web app developers in Ontario to save time, money, and effort during the project development.


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Canada’s continued efforts to grow its tech sector will only produce more skilled web developers and software engineers. US recruiters looking for a cost-effective way to build their IT teams should consider hiring Canadian developers. These workers possess the same skill level as their US counterparts and can help businesses save on employee wages.

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Software engineers and developers must be able to write and test software code, maintain computer programs, and identify technical problems. They must also prepare reports and evaluate various software products relevant to their company.
Canadians must study for a computer science degree at an accredited school to become a software engineer. They must complete an internship to gain hands-on experience and knowledge to help improve their skill set. After graduating, they can start as system analysts, customer support specialists, or technicians to hone their skills so they can take on more complex roles in the future.
Various computer science courses can help students learn the skills needed for software engineering jobs. These include software development, computer engineering, and software engineering.