How To Humanize your Website In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence?

There are a lot of forms of artificial intelligence (AI) available for your website. In the age of Alexa, everyone seems ready to receive instant answers to nearly every question. But the art of humanizing one of your most valuable marketing tools is not always about adding bots and letting them do all the work. Your exact approach will depend on your business, clientele, and goals, but the idea is to give customers a reason to bond with your company. Here are a few ways to develop your strategy and capitalize on the latest technology available.

The General Climate

Most people know that bots can live behind the chat functionality on many sites. A little box pops up in the corner asking questions about what it can do for the visitor, but guests don't necessarily think that an employee took the time to write out the message. There have been a lot of demonstrations when it comes to the latest in AI technology, and the truth is that the best software available is pretty incredible. It may not pass the Turing test every single time, but it's consistent enough to turn heads.

What Does This Mean for You?

Chances are, you aren't planning to spend your whole marketing budget on AI that can fool everyone. Instead, you can focus on reminding your visitors that the people working at the company are people they can count on. The content you provide to them shouldn't sound like the work of a corporate automaton but like a person who understands the inherent problems the customer is trying to fix. The more emotion you can pack into every sentence and graphic, the more human your site will feel.

Acquiring the Means

The methodology for this doesn't have to mean sensationalizing your business. If you're selling toner to large-scale corporations, the website doesn't have to read as a first-person account of how inspirational printer supplies are. But you can create and post a video that shows an expert speaking directly to the viewer, addressing the most common issues they're likely to face.

If you're in a slightly less technical industry, you're encouraged to use personal stories to find the common ground between you and your readers. The more enthusiastic and transparent you are, the more likely it is that your website will connect with the visitor.

Make Changes

Updating your content introduces the element of surprise, something that all humans are known to do. While you're sprucing up your content, consider doing something a little more interactive. Hold small contests or engage customers in interesting polls. Just make sure that what you're doing fits the overall brand of the company. This may seem somewhat counterintuitive, but you simply need to ask if the new content maintains the consistency of your preferred voice.

Respond, Respond, Respond

With the advent of the internet, most customers already know that not every customer is going to be a satisfying one. Keeping negative remarks off your website may seem like a no-brainer, but it's also one of the most corporate moves you can pull.

Instead, consider leaving the reviews and posting responses to them. This may mean clarifying the situation according to the company's point of view, offering helpful tips to the dissatisfied customer, or owning up to a mistake the company made. If you've made any wide-scale changes to correct the problem, now is a good time to share it.

Humanizing your website involves helping your customers feel more comfortable with your company. From survey tools to chatbots to A/B testing, you can use AI to position your website's most valuable content in front of the people who will care about it the most.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As far back as you can manage - back to the launch of your site, if possible. The more responsive you are to each individual user, the more you’ll drive home the human element of your brand.

By and large, people appreciate being acknowledged when they leave a comment or review. Potential users might also scroll back and look at old reviews to help them decide if your site is worth their time. If they see a lot of ignored reviews, it could discourage them from giving your site a chance.

In this context, the word “best” is relative. Many things factor into your decision to choose a bot chat, such as the nature and size of your site or app.

Deciding on an AI bot chat is an important step, but it’s not as important as keeping a good balance between the human factor and AI. Your AI should enhance the experience, not cloud over the human side of your website.

Keeping your users engaged is a critical part of keeping them up-to-date on new content. A user who likes checking back often is more likely to see new content as it rolls out. Polls, contests, and other engaging features are an ideal way to engage users.

Don’t forget about that digital strategy, either. Social media and automated emails are very useful in keeping users up to speed on updates to your site.