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Sometimes you might have the perfect idea to encapsulate into your business, but it isn't commercially available in the way you want it. Maybe you want a particular functionality added to your internal software system or maybe an entirely new system designed with the business’ needs in mind. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single company that can take these ideas and build them into something that's impressive as well as practical?

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We accurately judge client needs through a few discovery meetings and develop the customized software they want exactly.

Brain Box's engineers have been developing custom applications for business for a long time and have a depth of knowledge and experience in each of their respective fields. Brain Box offers custom application development that fits your company’s budget and needs, no matter what the custom software solution that's necessary.

What are Custom Software Solutions?

When you visit a website or use an app on your phone, you are actually looking at one of the many custom software solutions that exist aimed at consumers. Custom software solutions for business take a similar approach but offer a customized setup for dealing with a company's needs within a particular industry.

Thus the management and automation of services and asset locations fall under this umbrella. While, in the past, it was expensive and time-consuming to consider building custom software solutions, today it's a very simple and straightforward process, one that many small and medium businesses see as a positive method of increasing their operational efficiency.

Types of Custom Software Solutions Are Available?

There are a wide range of custom software solutions available for companies that are looking to simplify their operations and grow their business over time. These include:

  • Planning and Execution Software: These custom software solutions take into account the scheduled dates for completion of projects as well as material and manpower needed. They usually include a breakdown of costs and can generate timed estimates for jobs.
  • Financial Management: Custom software solutions in this line deal with the cash-flow particulars of a business. Ideally, they serve as a complete accounting suite for businesses, offering the ability to handle incoming payments, outgoing invoices and even automated check generation, if linked to a particular bank or account.
  • Inventory Systems: These custom software solutions are developed to deal with retail stores and can easily create, update and remove inventory as it is sold. These systems usually come together with a ways of dealing with pricing, discounting and receipt generation; building a simple integrated product that takes into account the needs of the business.
  • Shipping Systems: Custom applications designed for this particular industry can be used to log incoming and outgoing freight as well as the destination for that freight and the estimated shipping time. With automation, once delivery is confirmed it can be updated and the associated modules involved in the transportation can be reassigned.
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Why do You Need Custom Software Solutions?

In the business world of the twenty-first century, efficiency is the root product of all things and developing custom software solutions that aims to increase automation within a business can help to drive its success. Companies that are more organized and efficient tend to attract more customers. The best solution is the development of custom software solutions that are tailored to the company's workflow and the things it wants to accomplish. With proper training provided to employees, custom software can take a business' operations to the next level.

How Can Custom Software Solutions Transform a Business?

Businesses that use custom software solutions see a much more streamlined workflow as well as better relations with their customers. Internally, custom software allows faster and more effective communication both within and outside of departments as well as creates accountability systems that can allow for easy following of jobs and processes for management. It's the ideal solution that makes life easy for both employees and customers alike.

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Get Started with Brain Box

If you feel like developing a custom application is what's in your company’s best interests, feel free to contact Brain Box today to find out more. If there's a custom application you'd like to inquire about which you don't see listed, speak to our knowledgeable engineers directly and let them help you turn your custom application into a reality. It's never too early to level up your business operations!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. The software engineers at Brain Box is happy to work with you to create custom software that lines up with your ideas.

Even if the software isn’t widely available, you’ll be able to work with Brain Box to come up with the software you imagine for your site. Every company is unique - Brain Box understands that it can mean unique software solutions for each site.

Shipping and inventory systems, financial management, and planning software are some of the customizable programs Brain Box is happy to work with.

The best software for your site is the one that was created specifically for your site. One-size-fits-all software programs are a thing of the past - or at least they should be.


For the most efficient and up-to-date experience, custom software is essential. Working with standard commercial software raises some limits and roadblocks to the usability of your site.


When you work with software engineers to create software that accommodates and adapts to your specific site, you’ll find things run much more seamlessly.

Yes, custom software development applies to almost all types of industries since it is tailored to the client's needs. The client will need to give their requirements and what they want to be included in the app, and we'll do the planning and development. Before the development, you'll still have to approve the plan before we start it. The software we develop will be safe and reliable since we use the best software development tools and techniques.

When developing a website, the developers will usually create a page schematic or screen blueprint called the website wireframe. This is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website. The main purpose of using wireframes is to arrange elements to accomplish a specific goal.

Keeping the client's custom software secure from hackers and viruses is one of software developer's top priorities. Some of the security measures that are commonly used are network firewall protection, access control, encryption algorithms, log records, automated log-off, and many more. During the software development stage, the client is free to ask the developer to implement the security measures they want in their app.