Making a Responsive Business Website

Not having a website for your business in modern times is like not having a telephone number listed. Potential customers heard about your business and now need to get hold of you. A website is something that is accessible at any time. No contact means no business.

Having a website earns you respect and validates who you are. Your company’s products and services will be on display, and your brand becomes recognizable.

To maximize the advantages of your business, you need to have a responsive web design that allows your website to adapt to the size of the user’s screen. Irrespective of the device being used, the layout will change to suit the capabilities of the device.

What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website is a way the site is designed to accommodate the device's screen size, which views the website. A responsive and flexible web page is created, which allows the viewers browsing experience to be optimized.

Due to the increase in popularity of tablets, phones and phablets, it’s become important to ensure that the websites can adapt to the various screens.

The following are examples of responsive websites: An Event Apart, New York City Ballet, Paper Tiger and Wired.

Advantages of a Responsive Website

  • Increasing reach to tablet and mobile audiences

    The use of the internet and web-based applications on mobiles and tablets has influenced this website’s development. Due to the increase in sales for these devices, it became important to adapt websites for these screens.

  • Increase sales and conversion rates

    In the past, the users of smaller devices were diverted to a site more appropriate for their use. With the responsible design, they can now access the same view as others. With this barrier removed, clients are freer to browse and are given a positive experience.

  • Increase visibility in search engines

    Responsive design is search engine friendly. This results in more time spent on the website. The usage also increases, and Google then rewards the website with Improved search engine rankings.

  • Enhance users' offline browsing experience

    Offline browsing is when you can browse web pages without an internet connection. You, however, would have to download those pages when you were online before. HTML5 enables offline browsing, and because more devices are HTML5 enabled, websites must be too.

  • Save time and cost on mobile development

    With responsive design, there is no need to develop a separate site for mobile devices. The same website is accessible by all devices, this saves you time and money on developing stand-alone sites.

  • Save time and cost on-site management

    As mentioned, only one site needs to be developed and managed. This would mean that you will be saving time and money as you’ll only be managing a single site. You now have time and money to invest elsewhere in your business.

  • Consolidate analytics and reporting

    Having only one site also means that the tracking is consolidated into one report, making monitoring and analysis easier. You won’t need to contend with multiple sites.

How to Make a Responsive Website

The Responsive Website’s main goal is to make the users’ experience a very good one that results in them making use of it again and again. The experience should also be the same across all the devices even though it might look slightly different.

There are important points to take into account when creating a Responsive Website. With a Responsive Website, the cascading style sheet (CSS) is adjusted to allow a website to adapt to the browser’s width depending on the type of device. CSS and HTML are the basis of responsive design. Together, they control the layout of a web browser’s page.

Fluid scaling allows percentage values to enable a container to resize within the bounds of the browser. Fluid scaling is therefore important as it allows the flow of the columns in the responsive grid. It flows from left to right and from top to bottom.

Avoid using website builder services. For your responsive website to be more user-friendly, your images, videos, text style, colour, visual hierarchy and the correct theme are very important. Another important point is that your interactive features should provide your clients with a productive outlook.

Your responsive website should be accessible across all the various devices. The content of the site is, therefore, important. Having information that tells them more about you is vital. It should be interesting and attention-grabbing and clearly define who you are. Your contact information should be easy to find and easy for everyone to access.

You should also include a call to action that encourages them to take action. The action could be to leave their contact details or subscribe to your newsletter or join the mailing list.

A responsive website design is not just a trend but a long-term strategy that you must invest in for your business. Get in touch with Brain Box Labs or call 699-3733 today!

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Creating a website could be easy but a responsive website, however, is another thing. Brain Box Labs, a web design company, has experience with designing these websites. All the websites we design are responsive from the word go.

Having a custom website development is something that will benefit your company. The website is tailor-designed to target your customers and is customized to enhance your brand or product.

Understanding our clients and their business is how we create such responsive websites, marketing plans and web applications.

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“Every website element tells a different story about your company. So make sure that your website is appealing, user-friendly, and responsive.”

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Responsive websites are also known as fluid and can adapt to the screen size irrespective of the device. On the other hand, Adaptive Websites have static layouts. They’re based on breakpoints that don’t respond after being loaded.

There is a tool you can use to verify if your website is responsive. Visit Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test site and enter your URL.

It is important that you, as a business, understand how important a well-designed website is. You would want improved navigation, which allows your customers to navigate your website with ease.

Brand consistency is just as vital, and our company will ensure that all this and more is covered as it’s our goal to make sure we understand your business and your brand.