What is Python Used for?

Businesses are increasingly realizing that using customized tools enables them to work faster and achieve things that they had previously thought impossible. Those firms that invest in customized software development typically leapfrog over their competitors. Often, recouping the cost of their investment extremely quickly.

However, only if it is done the right way. You need to hire an experienced software development team. One that uses the right tools. Both parties need to communicate effectively. For a project to be a success, the requirements and goals must be clear. When that happens, it is easy to understand which tools need to be used to complete the project.

It is a bit like constructing a building. To come up with the right design you need to understand what it will be used for to be able to draw up the plans. Once you have worked out how the building will be configured, you can select the materials and tools that you need to be able to build it.

When it comes to building software, a lot of the time that means using the programming language Python. Below, we provide you with a taste of how Python can be used by businesses and organizations.

Basics of Python

Python is a general-purpose coding language that is used to develop websites, web applications and desktop GUI applications. It can also be adopted as a software development tool.

In short, it is an excellent programming language with a long list of uses. Python is:

  • Free and open source
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • High-level
  • Independent of a particular type of computer
  • Closer to human language than to machine language which makes it super easy to understand
  • Logical
  • Extremely stable and dependable

All of this makes for a user-friendly programming experience. The fact that it is so widely used, is helpful too. Anything that is written in Python is relatively easy to maintain because so many people are capable of working with it.

Python’s General-Purpose Nature

It is possible to build software applications for both the web and the desktop environments using Python. You can also use it to run both types of applications. This coding program really is a general-purpose tool.

Advantages of Python

There are many advantages to contracting a developer to build applications, websites, and software for you using Python. To start with it is an incredibly cost-effective way to have these things built. The fact that it is open source means that it is completely free to use. There is no need for the development team to pay out thousands to buy the tool. Nor do they need to pay an annual license fee to be able to continue using it. The fact they have low overheads allows them to offer their services at a low-cost.

Python is also incredibly easy to work with. Its syntax is not complicated and requires less coding. This means that developers can put together what their clients need quickly. The fact they can work so fast also helps to keep the cost down.

It is easy to read, which means that it is not difficult to learn Python. Often, it is the first coding language people learn. As a result, it is not difficult to recruit people who are capable of performing basic tasks. This also helps to keep the costs down because they are usually paid a starting wage.

The fact that Python is an open-source product has had another interesting effect. Many of the people who work with the language freely make what they write available to others. Over the years, huge libraries of this code have been built. Libraries that coders can freely visit and borrow from. This saves an enormous amount of time, which of course also keeps the cost down.

Plus, there is the added advantage that much of this code has been used hundreds of times. So, you really can say that it has been tried and tested. This is one of the reasons applications that have been created using Python are so stable.

It’s easier to code in Python than in C or C++. This is incredibly freeing. It enables coders to write quickly. To get into the flow and create in a way you cannot if you are having to stop and start to work out how to get past an issue as you do with some other coding languages. The fact that you can work so freely and fast also makes it easy to experiment. You have time to try things out, to hone what you are working on and create something that does not compromise on the brief.

Industries That Use Python

Python is incredibly versatile. We serve customers across a wide spectrum of industries. Over the years, we have built all kinds of tools, software, applications, and websites using Python. Here are just a few examples of how it can be used.

Web development

  • Building the server-side engine that is capable of running beautiful websites
  • The integration of web applications to provide basic user tools
  • Creating custom web applications to solve your customer´s more complex problems

Software solutions

Companies and other organizations that use software creatively can save themselves a lot of time, effort, and money. Python can be used for:

  • The development of custom software solutions to streamline tasks that are specific to your business and the way you work
  • In some cases, it is possible to enhance open-source software you are already using

Game development

Used innovatively gaming can be a powerful tool for all kinds of businesses and organizations. It can be used to, engage, educate, or guide. Even to sell to people. Python is used as a:

  • Building tool for game designers
  • Scripting language for game engines

Other important ways Python can be used

There is no doubt that Python is versatile. The fact that it is open-source, simple and fast to work with means people have innovated. They have experimented with it in a wide spectrum of digital settings. As a result, you will see it used extensively in the following fields and ways:

  • Developing models for machine learning
  • Data science and data analytics – Python makes it easy to integrate application development with database processing and data analytics
  • Speeding up and simplifying data processing
  • Scientific computing - its multiple libraries make it particularly useful for this
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacology
  • Robotics – the fact you can use Python with a Raspberry Pi to control robotics makes it an ideal way for beginners to experiment and learn
  • Computer vision tasks such as image processing
  • Manipulating images
  • Computer science education – Python is an ideal first language for those who are learning how to program
  • Astronomy – Python makes it relatively easy to create sophisticated plots and graphs for astronomical studies

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Python is incredibly useful for the field of artificial intelligence (AI). It is extremely reliable and there is a huge library of pre-written code to work with. More importantly, it is highly logical, yet simple, which makes it easy for developers to write reliable code. It is very much the lead language for AI, which means there is plenty of support available.

Python has several uses for eCommerce. To start with it handles the geolocation task well. This opens up the opportunity for you to sell globally using just one website. The sites you can build using Python also look incredibly good. The layout can be adapted to appeal to any type of customer, and you can easily add in tools to help with the buying process. For example, a simple, user-friendly way for someone to work out what size jacket they need to order.

You could use Python for a social media project. The Django framework is ideal for building a social media website.