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The web developer teams at Brain Box are your number one resource for user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. We deliver an intuitive website for a wide range of tasks your clients or customers need to perform online.

Excellence in Web Application Development and Design

Attracting customers can be a challenge, and it takes a winning UX design as well as a multifaceted engagement strategy to convert those prospects into repeat customers.

That’s why you need a leading web development services company on your side.

Our web design and development team can help you with conceptual approaches to user engagement that fit your brand image.

There are plenty of web development agencies in Toronto that can build robust web applications, but they don’t take into consideration the essential elements of psychology, behavioural analytics and customization that we do. That’s what differentiates merely useful applications and websites from life-changing platforms.

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Customer Journey Mapping

We don’t think of web design in terms of what the application can do, but what role the software will play in the life of the user.

We craft detailed workflow diagrams to identify the most likely path your users will take, from their first site-browsing experience to conversion. Workflow diagrams help us understand each customer’s journey through the website or web application we create for you.

Innovative Thinking Meets Technology

We never stop vetting our assumptions, testing working hypotheses and improving on past user experience (UX) designs. Brain Box specializes in web development process engineering that results in intuitive, precise, and simple web applications that satisfy all your user personas.

We realize that too many companies and their end-users have been disappointed by a web application that didn’t perform up to expectations or turned out too complex to use on a daily basis.

Research has shown that when confronted with new technology, 83 percent of consumers find it ‘too complicated to use’ because they often found the tech was too much of a hassle to use over the benefits it claims."* The best web development companies understand that features and benefits don’t matter if no one wants to use your software.

The top three problems users typically encounter with new software is:

  • "Too complicated to use" – the number one complaint.
  • Incomplete installation, due to system failure or lack of sustained interest by the user.
  • Frustration with software that "didn’t work as advertised."

It’s ironic that the most common problems users face with poorly designed web apps are also the easiest to avoid -- all a custom web development company has to do is start their UX design strategy from the user’s perspective.

The Elements of Great UX Design

Even as technologies change, the essentials of great design are timeless. Count on the web app development experts at Brain Box for the most intelligent deployment of:

  • Simplicity
  • Elegance
  • Intuitive user flows
  • Clear navigation
  • E-commerce funneling
  • Engaging visuals
  • Iterative improvements

We combine best practices in user-friendly design with the latest advances in technology to help you stay two steps ahead of your competitors.

Facets of Professional Web and App Development

What do you want to achieve? Web apps can support any of your top strategic goals.

Ramp Up Revenue With E-Commerce

Your business will gain mindshare and wallet share when your app makes life easier for your customers. Provide them with the most direct route to buying what they need as soon as they need it.

Eliminate Costs With Process Engineering

Our back office web development projects can automate and streamline your most time-intensive tasks, putting more hours in your week and boosting productivity.

Collaboration Engines and Web Portals

Bring teams of employees, customers and business partners together in a virtual space where they can interact. Resolve issues and innovate across barriers and time zones.


Data should flow effortlessly throughout all of your varied back office software applications, from accounting to operations to customer interface software. Where are your bottlenecks and which systems aren’t talking to each other? Our web development teams bring it all together.

APIs for Digital Ecosystems

Nobody can go it alone. Today’s most successful companies work together in digital ecosystems and software stacks that integrate easily and transfer data back and forth as needed. Our engineers are skilled in web design and development for streamlining communications.

Data Analytics

Turn raw data into visualizations and insights for more intelligent decisions in volatile markets. Make more accurate projections for future growth.

Original Business Models

The world is full of customer pain points that only you can solve with a creative approach. Disrupt markets or entire industries with the next generation of web apps that suddenly everyone has to have.

Visit the Labs

Want to see what’s cooking in the laboratory? Investigate some of the open source tools we've created in the Brain Box Lab and get a glimpse of what’s coming up next. We can even guide you on how you could use these tools to enhance your own company’s performance profile.

Partner with an App Developer that Will Propel Your Business Forward

Brain Box never stops experimenting with out-of-the-box web design. We believe that the world’s best ideas haven’t even been thought of yet, and we invite your business to help us discover them. Let’s talk – contact us today!

*From the Accenture Newsroom:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Just like app development, Brain Box can work with a broad range of budgets. Smaller projects under $5000 can still yield a strong website. Clients with larger budgets - $20000 and up - can also be handled by Brain Box.

They will also work with any budget in between. Determining factors include the size of your site, how complex you imagine it, and how much traffic you expect it to see.

Once you have an idea of your general budget, Brain Box can help you tailor your website based on what you want to spend.

No, it isn't. The good news is that UX design remains one of the most in-demand fields, thus we cannot necessarily say UX design is dying. However, full- time job openings remain highly skewed towards senior level positions, with organizations increasingly relying on contractors for more specialized and tactical design roles. This design was fuelled by creativity, big ideas and the ability to take the user on a meaningful journey thus the UX design lingers on.

Custom web development is good for your business as it impacts how your audience perceive your brand. Running a uniquely customized website shows how seriously you care about your business and it delivers a great memorable user experience to your audience. It also shines light onto your business offer in the exact way you need it to.

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