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As a mobile app design company, Brain Box is skilled at turning app ideas into tangible, beautiful, easy-to-use mobile app designs. We have a full team of user experience and user interface designers who are specifically adept in designing for mobile app use cases. Learn a little more about our mobile app design process and the principles we use when designing mobile app UIs below.

Best Mobile App Interface Design Process

At Brain Box, we have an established approach to mobile app design that's proven to be successful time and time again. While we tailor each project to fit the needs of the client, all projects include these core phases.

1. Discovery and Research

We'll deep-dive into your app, business and industry to understand the context around our work before we begin the design process. We'll also develop user personas – overviews of our end user, their pain points and their reason for using the app – to guide our designs.

2. Documentation

Once we understand your business and industry, we'll define the goals of your app, what kinds of conversions are most meaningful in the user experience (purchases, upgrades, downloads, etc.), and the technical requirements our designers need to take into consideration during the visual design process.

3. User Flows

To jumpstart the visual design process, we start with user flows – high-level overviews of how your app's users will navigate through content within the app. We'll also identify our key conversions to ensure they're readily available and accessible; this helps promote conversions throughout the user experience.

4. Wireframes

We'll transform our user flows into wireframes – high-level overviews of the content that belongs on each screen in the app.

5. UI Design

As we move into the mobile app UI design portion of our project, we'll apply your brand to our wireframes, pulling in images, graphics and written content to bring our designs to life. We'll leverage mobile app design templates that can be reused throughout the user experience to expedite the design process.

6. Prototyping

Before we dive into building your app, we'll show you what it will look like on a mobile device with a prototype that puts your app in context. This allows us to make any necessary design tweaks before we move into development.

7. Development

We have a team of developers ready to turn your designs into functional code, so you can rest assured you won't need to go searching for a development firm to work with later on.

Once we pass your mobile app interface design off to our team of developers, we work closely with them to ensure all the nuances and intricacies of your mobile app designs come to life in code. Our team will also test your app, ensuring quality and a seamless user experience.

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Mobile App Design Best Practices

At Brain Box, we have several core principles we keep in mind as we create mobile app screen designs.

Design With the End User in Mind

Brain Box's team of mobile app designers operate with this principle in mind before all others. It's critical that we keep your end user central in every design decision we make, constantly thinking through how we can design your interface to create an ideal experience for them. We practice this value by referring back to our user personas throughout the design process, putting ourselves in their shoes while we create designs.

Opt for Simplicity

Have you ever been using an app and found yourself stuck on a screen, unable to figure out what to do next? That's an example of bad UI design. When a user is interfacing with your app, we want their experience to be as simple, clear and easy as possible. We keep that in mind when strategizing your UX mobile app design, always opting for an experience that requires three clicks instead of five, one click instead of three. This best practice is kept top of mind during the user flow process as we design a user experience that's easy to understand and navigate.

Eliminate Clutter

An overcrowded screen on a desktop is bad, but when you shrink the screen size tenfold, screen clutter can be overwhelming. We'll keep your mobile app screen design as clutter-free as possible, referring back to our project goals to determine what content should be on each screen, and eliminating anything unnecessary.

Don't Make Me Think

While using your app, your users will have a lot going on around them. They're probably not going to be giving your app their full attention; they might be looking at other screens, having conversations with friends or family, or completing other tasks. We design for that use case, knowing we need to optimize their experience by creating an easy-to-understand interface. Our goal is to design an interface so intuitive that your users never have to think about what to do next.

We design Custom Web Applications as well. Check out the page for more info.

Work With Ontario's Best Mobile App Design Company

When you partner with Brain Box to create your mobile app interface design, you can be confident you're working with the best mobile app design company available. As you're searching for the right partner for your project, contact Brain Box to talk to one of our mobile app design experts today. We'd love to hear about your vision for your app, and discuss how we can bring it to life in beautiful, intuitive user interface designs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To design a mobile app for the Android platform, you can either do it yourself using various Android app builder tools, or hire a mobile app developer or company to do it for you. If you choose the latter option, you have to make sure that the developer or company you’re hiring fully understands what your mobile app intends to do or what your service intends to fulfil.

Mobile app design refers to the overall design of the user interface (UI), or the graphic elements that make up the look and feel of the mobile app. As for the mobile app development, it’s a broader term that not only includes the design of the front-end or UI, but also the development of all processes and functionalities in the back-end.

When it comes to mobile apps, it’s always best to approach the design with user-friendliness in mind. Thus, the end user has to be able to use the final product as easily and as simply as possible. And because the app is supposed to work on the small screen of a mobile device (smartphone or tablet), the interface itself should be free of clutter.

We have a team of developers ready to turn your partial ideas into a functional mobile app. We can help you fit in the missing pieces. You can rest assured that you won't need to go searching for a development firm to work with later on. When you partner with Brain Box Labs to create your mobile app interface design, you can be confident you're working with the best mobile app design company available.

Customer journey mapping in mobile app design provides data-backed insight to help you to improve your overall customer experience and product offering by illustrating the steps customers go through to engage with your company. Creating a mobile customer journey map means drawing a graphic representation of ideal users’ road through your app.