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Building user-friendly and high-performing web applications can be complicated. Creating modern websites that are customized to meet your business needs is time-consuming and expensive. Web applications can include everything from productivity-enhancing collaboration tools to less-productive games, and popular web apps also need to be available as mobile apps.

Most developers find routing, templating HTML, and authentication very annoying and a waste of their time. The proper framework, such as the Laravel framework for website development, can speed up the development process and ease the burden on your developers.

This article will help you understand how using the Laravel framework for custom web application development can assist with the challenges in web applications.

Laravel Web Development: What It Is and What Its Features Are

Laravel is a popular open-source framework for website development. This powerful tool is used to construct CMS or Web applications. It meets specific customer needs and can create websites with model view controller patterns.

You use Laravel to build custom web apps using PHP, and it handles many things that you may find annoying to build yourself.

The incredible API of this PHP framework-based application will accelerate your process of development. Utilize Laravel to streamline a 3-page pamphlet site, which requires specialized skills and tactics. Unless your scenario requires something else, most websites with MVC designs are created with Laravel.

Features of Laravel

Authentication process

The authentication feature enables you to add and allow the authentication and approval process rapidly. This will streamline authentication, which can be a complicated process. As a result, your engineers can now give unique solutions to their work.

MVC Architecture Support

This framework can detach and handle specified features for the development of any application built with its MVC architectural pattern capabilities. This way, the performance increases, allowing your developers to write proper code to assist in creating better documentation.

Routing Systems

The designer chooses routes to activate in the application as depicted in the application/courses/HTTP/PHP file that the Laravel framework can transfer. You need to embed the topic name, and the correct URL inserted automatically in this route, defining a methodology that acknowledges a URL.

Lightweight templates

The impressive layout of the templates in Laravel incorporates dynamic content to create functional web applications. An extensive collection of widgets with CSS and JSS that is solidly structured is also included.

Unit Testing

By running numerous tests with the unit testing feature, you can ensure that new changes do not create an issue. This feature empowers the application to work after a lot of time is spent developing the unit testing.

Library, Object-Oriented

Other PHP generally do not include object-orientated libraries such as those contained in Laravel. The included authentication library provides assistance with features such as checking the active users, hashing the bcrypt, resetting passwords, checking for cross-site request forgery, and encryption.


There are more than 20 libraries that are unique and categorized into single independent modules. Designers use these libraries to create modular, responsive, and simple web applications.

Lean Development Services

The lean development service feature is enabled through the migration of Lumen to the complete framework by just copying the code. This is one of the significant benefits when building a website using Laravel. Lumen is a micro-frame that focuses on lean development and workson the same logic as Laravel. The integration requires minimal configuration and offers you a speed at a micro-level for lean development service.

Form Request

The form request feature is the basis used for form input validation. You need to bind event listeners internally to bring about the automatic activation of strategies to validate the form and generate the actual form. Besides the standard features, Laravel also incorporates libraries of authorization, speed in unit testing and offers you a framework that is comprehensive and modular.

Duties of a Laravel Web Developer

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Although there are many healthcare professionals in the medical field, most are referred to as doctors. Many doctors, however, specialize in specific branches of medicine, such as cardiologists, immunologists, hematologists, etc.

The world of software technology is no different and has bred a community of developers specializing in various technologies. For example, a Lara developer specializes in the Laravel framework using PHP programming with all the skills and knowledge of any other software developer. The coding language used by Laravel developers enables them to build highly functional web applications with elevated user experience.

A Laravel developer must:

  • use standard web development tools to build and maintain modern web applications
  • write clean and secure modular codes subjected to strict testing and evaluation
  • ensure validity and consistency of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on different platforms
  • debug and resolve technical issues
  • maintain and design databases
  • conduct back-end and User Interface (UI) tests to enhance the functionality of an application
  • collaborate with developers and project managers to move the software projects faster
  • document task progress, architecture, and development process
  • keep up-to-date with the latest technology trends and best practices in Laravel development
  • develop, record, and maintain cutting-edge web-based PHP applications on portal plus premium service platforms

Benefits of Using Laravel

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There are a number of advantages to using the Laravel framework to build your websites.

Easy Integration with Mail System

Typically, users need notification for each section of the activities they performed or their connections through the mailing service. It's difficult to imagine an advanced framework without email integration. When users log into the system, they expect to receive an email confirming their successful enlistment on the web portal. This is important, especially for new users.

The Swiftmailer module in Laravel may be used to create simple, clear API designs for mail with individual accounts. The package includes drivers for Amazon SES, Mailgun, SMTP, Sendmail, SparkPost, Mandrill, and PHP's mail capacity. The driver allows you to quickly send messages using cloud-based or local services.

With Laravel, you can also send notifications on different delivery channels, including Slack and SMS via email. In addition, send notifications to user emails after various events easily via the mail service. No web application is modern without integrated mail services to notify your users.

Trending on Social Media

Organizations consider Laravel due to its dynamic abilities. In addition, they view it favourably based on the latest Google Trends. Currently, Laravel is significantly outpacing different modalities at different stages.

Smooth Automation of testing work

Automatic testing is an old method of determining the application's performance ratio. It evaluates performance bugs, errors, and crashes to see how they perform. Because manual testing passes each segment of code in turn and accompanies built-in test functionalities, automation of testing takes less time than manual testing. In most circumstances, it is also more precise than manual testing.

Laravel also provides you with support for testing with PHP Unit incorporating the phpunit.xml file. As a result, you will have the most straightforward approach to clients to act locally, mentioning any application and checking the yield. This is the ideal approach for when you need to take care of the request individually if clients click on the connection.


Developers need to interact in Laravel using a command line that handles the Laravel project environment, and the Artisan feature enables this interaction.

Artisan is one of the built-in tools that permits you to perform long programming tasks in no time. It also creates a structured code and database structure, making it easier to manage the database system.


The security features depend on how the developer built the web application. The result is that no application comes with 100% security features. The most critical web application security vulnerabilities include SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting, etc.

Laravel has top ratings for security compared with other providers in the market, helping developers remember and fix all critical web application security vulnerabilities before delivery.

Scheduling task configuration & Management

With Laravel, you can schedule a task configuration and management to maintain, develop, and communicate schedules for the allocated resource and time. Typically, this entails sending emails to clean up database tables regularly.

The command scheduler in Laravel enables you a clear and essential way to characterize the command schedule inside Laravel, with a single CRON entry on the server. Laravel also provides you with a task scheduling mechanism to take care of the tasks when it’s time.

This applies when you need to send out emails to the subscribers in the mornings or automatically clean up the database tables at the end of the day. Laravel has the feature to assist you in building websites with Laravel

Prebuilt apps

Application with Laravel has achieved a lot of success and fame, resulting in many developers following suit.

Many pre-built apps are available on the Laravel website to respond to customer requirements for comparable apps with minor differences. This can save you a lot of time and cost in building another app with similar features to Laravel. But if you choose, you can quickly build applications that deliver results fast.

If you’re looking for a much simpler way of establishing a digital platform, you should consider web development via the Laravel framework. Contact Brain Box Labs today to have a Laravel-based website.

Looking for A Trusted Laravel Web Developer?

Laravel is a framework based on PHP, which is free and open-sourced. It makes it easy for web developers to create robust and feature-rich websites within a given timeframe. You can deliver it all from routing, sessions to authentication or caching. It also works wonders in solving queries related to this framework.

A Laravel website can deliver against all your business needs and is the framework of choice for most developers.

Brain Box Labs offers competent developers specializing in the Laravel framework to make your dream website come to life. Contact us at (905) 409-6941 to schedule a consultation.


“Always do thorough research before deciding what framework to use in developing your website.”

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Laravel is the backend. With Laravel, you can build full-stack apps with features typically requiring a backend.
A Laravel class is the logical structure and relationship of the underlying data tables. Models provide you the way to retrieve, insert, and update information into your data table.