JavaScript Developer

Brain Box has a team of JavaScript developers ready to turn your ideas into functional, high-quality code. As you're planning your website, web app, mobile app or software build, read more about our approach to JavaScript development and our team below.

What Is JavaScript Development?

JavaScript is both a powerful and popular front-end development language that turns a static web page into a page that visitors can interact with. It's used in tandem with two other front-end development languages: HTML and CSS. While HTML defines the content that goes on a page and CSS styles the appearance of that content, JavaScript makes that content dynamic by empowering user interactions. It brings to life the elements on a page that a user clicks on, hovers over or scrolls through with like buttons, inputs, animations and more.

JavaScript is a multi-paradigm programming language, making it flexible and adaptable to the needs of the project. Specifically, JavaScript supports functional, imperative and event-driven programming styles. Originally called Mocha, it was created in 1995 by Netscape to manipulate HTML documents; it was later renamed LiveScript and finally JavaScript when it was released by Sun Microsystems.

What Do JavaScript Developers Build?

JavaScript is a very popular and diverse programming language that's used on nearly every digital product, web app, mobile app and website you interact with. JavaScript is used to build the interactive elements on a page like animations, feedback, buttons, forms, and more.

To visually see just how important quality JavaScript code is to a website, change the settings on your web browser to prevent websites from running JavaScript and see what any web page looks like without it. Just don't try it on Facebook – JavaScript is so critical to the appearance of every digital interface, the social media site won't even let you use the platform without running JavaScript.

What to Look For in a JavaScript Developer

At Brain Box, we've curated a highly skilled team of JavaScript developers, intentionally seeking out and hiring not only great coders, but well-rounded team members who have the right set of talents and skills to exceed in their roles. Specifically, our team members are highly skilled in these areas:


JavaScript developers transform flat designs into functional, interactive web pages. They also tend to work closely with back-end developers who integrate additional complex functionalities into a digital product or website. This makes it critical that great JavaScript developers understand the importance of teamwork and enjoy working with others.


Even with a waterfall-style project, it's highly likely that the designs a developer begins coding will change -- at least slightly -- during the project. The best JavaScript developers welcome change and adapt flexibly throughout the development process.


JavaScript developers build web pages that facilitate communication between end users and brands. This means the best JavaScript developers have the ability to empathize with the end user, putting themselves in their shoes to build the functionality that optimizes their experience.


JavaScript developers play a central role on a website or app project team, breathing life into static designs to build digital products that solve client problems. That means the best developers are strategic listeners; they work to not only understand the project, but the goals and objectives behind the project, taking them into consideration as they complete their work.

JavaScript Developer Principles at Brain Box

The Brain Box team has fostered a culture of programming excellence. Specifically, our JavaScript development team operates in alignment with these core coding principles:

Write Clean, Maintainable and Understandable Code

JavaScript can be adapted and manipulated to fit the needs of the project, which means JavaScript developers can all write code differently and still achieve the same outcome. Because of this language's flexibility, JavaScript developers are tasked not only with considering the end user, but also other developers who will work within their codebase in the future. The best JavaScript developers use consistent syntax and choose easily understood and concise names for variables and functions; this empathetic approach empowers future developers to easily acclimate to their code in the future.

Find a Commenting Balance

After writing code, JavaScript developers write comments throughout the code base to explain their decisions and their code's functionalities. However, there's a fine balance between commenting too little and commenting too much. A five-star JavaScript developer will strike the perfect balance, giving other developers just enough information to dive into their code.

Code With the User in Mind

Brain Box is dedicated to making project decisions based on the needs and wants of the end user. This perspective shifts focus away from the people building the interface and puts it on the people who will be using it, empowering our JavaScript developers to make long-term, strategic decisions about usability to create an optimized user experience.

Work With Our JavaScript Developers

There are plenty of JavaScript developers available to partner with, but very few approach JavaScript development with the rigor, craft and attention to detail that we do. If you're looking to work with the most qualified team of JavaScript developers available, contact the Brain Box team today. We'd love to learn about your vision for your website and how we can be part of bringing it to life.