Pointy Devils is Coming Soon!

Pointy Devils is coming very soon to iPhone and Android. Hurry up and get on the email list to get a notification the moment its available! In Pointy Devils, you get to help the Moons in their quest to reclaim the sky from the scorching Stars of the Universe. Go forth, bringer of darkness!

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Go forth- bringer of darkness. Good luck and let the Eternal Shadow cover your footsteps.


Long Ago -

The Moons ruled the sky. Then came the Stars, which spread their light like an infernal disease. Every part of the cosmos, save a few sacred regions, was infected by the relentless scourge of the stars.


The Moons,

Suppressed by their celestial neighbors, continued to orbit their planets - doomed to endure their existence in the scorching burn of the stars. That was, of course, until the uprising.


Day After Glorious Day,

The Stars fell from the sky and the Moons rose triumphantly. Some stars resisted but they too were extinguished. The remaining stars quickly hid. We, the Moons, find ourselves on this beautiful night, hunting the last of the day-bringers.


But Its Never That Simple -

The remaining Stars have been taken in by the most ambivalent of things in our twisted and loosely physics based universe - the Squares. No one knows where they came from but judging by their hard edges, its safe to say that they cant be trusted.

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